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Tastes Around the World: Ottoman Cuisine




Tastes Around the World: Ottoman Cuisine menu will be an exciting meal from our kitchen led by our awarded Itialian Chef Michele. Designed for you to enjoy at the comfort of your home.While you set your table for this feast, you will also be a part of this culinary event.

You will be able to prepare your meal any time you want , with the simple instructions for ‘ How to finalize the main dish in your oven’.

  • Please do not forget to order in advance (48 hours)

Tastes Around the World: Ottoman Cuisine

Rose Sherbet

Is a famous drink prepared with rose petals. There were several types of tasty sherbets made from fruits, spices or flower petals in Ottoman. They were also used for health, digestion and to freshen up.

Mücmer(Mücver) of Green Beans with Mastave ( A Dry Cacık w Chard)

Mücmer was the name of a cooking technique in Ottoman, this  veggie dish  is served with a Mastave, known as the oldest cold dish of Ottoman,  which can be considered as a yogurt dip with chard and garlic

Patty of Valide Sultan (Mother of the Rulling Sultan) w Walnuts & Tahini

Considered to be one of the special treats which was served to guests.

Lamb Mutancana w Hünkar(Sultan) Pilaff

This palace dish was made from lamb, dried fruits, honey and almond. One of the old recipes of the Ottoman times from 15 th century. Originated from Thrace. Served with a hünkar pilaff (rice dish) with spices and garlic.

Baklava w Pistachio

Is served with a side cream. Still one of the most popular desserts in the world, required a great talent and effort to make it.  In Ramadan, this dessert was prepared in the palace, and delivered to Janissaries as a compliment. This tradition called ‘Baklava Alayı’ was a kind of a parade.

April 30 2021


Date: April 30
Time: 15:30-19:00
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L’avare Sahne

Çankaya Mah. Üsküp Caddesi 16/1
Ankara, Türkiye